Friday, September 07, 2012

spoon practice

I decided it's probably about time that Pearson learn how to use some eating utensils. 
 As you can see, he really has no idea what he is doing.
 We are going to have to have "spoon practice" a little bit each day before we get the hang of it.
 He can get the spoon to his mouth, there just isn't always something on it, or it gets on his face instead of in his mouth. 
 This did, however, keep him busy for a good 20 minutes or so.  
 I just might enjoy a little "spoon practice" each day to give me a 20 minute break from him getting into everything!!
 Look Mom, no hands!!!
Hoping practice makes perfect with our spoon practice.  

When did your little one get the hang of using utensils??


Alisa said...

The "Look Mom, No Hands" one is a hoot. It's so funny watching them trying to learn to eat from a spoon. They work so hard to get something on the spoon and like you said by the time it gets to their mouth nothing is left on the spoon. Or, the food makes it everywhere else on their face but their mouths!

Faith said...

Those pics are precious! It's amazing how much mess one little person can least I'm always amazed at Tornado Stella! Pearson looks to be catching on good!