Tuesday, September 25, 2012

when i'm 80....

Tonight my grandma (who just turned 80 in May) babysat Pearson for two hours while we went to a dinner with three other couples.
I hope that when I'm 80, I can do all the things she does.  She doesn't look like she's 80, she doesn't move around like she 80, and she sure doesn't act like she 80.  I don't think I know too many 80 years old that could keep up with my crazy busy 15 month old!

When I'm 80, I hope I can be just like Nonnie!!


Alisa said...

What a wonderful blessing for Pearson to have such a "young" great grandmother! Good picture of them both.

Darci said...

That's awesome! So sweet of her to do that for you guys! I bet she loved the time w/Pearson too! My Grandma has offered to watch Adelyn for us too, but she isn't 80 yet!