Tuesday, October 09, 2012

fall tv line-up

Not much to blog about today.  My car is in the shop and I've been sick with a stomach bug.  So let's talk bout TV today.  I know it looks like we watch a ton of TV, but we DVR it and watch it after Pearson is in bed.  Matt doesn't watch all of these shows though, so some I watch throughout the day or when he's not around.

I haven't watched this show in a few years, but I like alot of the All-Stars that have come back this year so I added it to our DVR.  Plus, Matt plays Softball on Monday nights so it's nice to have some mindless TV to watch while he's gone!!
This is a new show this fall and we are loving it!! Matt added it to our DVR and I'm so glad that he did.  It's kind of a mash up of Jericho and Flash Forward (two shows we loved but got cancelled). Hopefully this one lasts because it's great so far. 

I love this show!  It's so much better than Grey's Anatomy. 
This is my all time favorite show right now.  If you are a parent and you aren't watching Parenthood, you should be!!  I just love how it's a TV Show that actually shares what real families are going through.  Every week I laugh and cry.  It's such a great show!

Matt got me hooked on Survivor.  He used to watch it back in the day before me.  We have watched the last 4 or 5 seasons together and love it!!

Definitely the funniest show on television!!
I'm going to give Nashville a change this year.  I love Connie Britton (aka Tammy Taylor from Friday Night Lights) so that's really the only reason I'm watching it!!

This show is definitely not the same without Michael Scott.  I'll be glad when it's over, but I feel like I have to finish watching it since we started it from the beginning. 
I am SO over this show, but again like The Office,  I feel like I have to keep watching it because I started it from the beginning.  Surely they'll end this show soon.  Surely.  It's getting really old. 

We love having a TV show to watch on Sunday nights together!! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Ellen Show.  It seriously cracks me up everyday.  I just love the format of the show, I love the guests she has, I love her silly segments, I love the things she does for people and I love that I can watch it while I do other things.  It's just a nice afternoon show!!

On my Netflix:
I've heard so many good things about this show.  I'm trying to catch up on Netflix so I can watch it this season.  I haven't watched any episodes yet, so I'm not even sure if I'll like it or not. 

Other Shows:
I loved the show, so I really hope it makes it for a second season. 

 OMG, this show is so good. I think the final season doesn't start until next summer, but I can't wait.  I hate that I love this show because its so bad.  But it's so good!!
Every year I say I'm going to grow up and be done with this stupid show, but somehow I keep watching.  I have to watch this season because I loved Sean. I think this one starts up in January.
I always love this show.  So inspiring!! I think this one starts up in January too. 

And I know this won't be on until next summer, but we love

Okay, not that I have any extra time to watch any more TV, but are there any really great shows out there that I am missing out on? I'd love to hear what's on your DVR?


Nickolee Roberts said...

:) love this - we have a place we can download torrents from so we watch some shows but atleast 24-36 hours after it shows in the States. anyways Revenge is awesome - you'll love it, I'm now downloading Revolution to try it out based on your recommendation and we just started watching Last Resort which is only 2 episodes in and it's been pretty good!

Carissa said...

Love revenge and amazingly so does Joel! I hated last season of the office, but like you said I feel like I should watch it since I have been since college, but I am not upset if I miss an episode. So excited about Sean being the bachelor, we might have to have a watch party! I really like crime season shows, so I have the Mentalist, CSI (the original), and the new show Elementary on my DVR.

Julie Rogers said...

I'm a total Revenge and Bachelor fan---sad to admit? And even more sad to admit---but I LOVE 90210 and Gossip Girl---I think I am beyond the age for their viewers but I am hooked!


Christine said...

We watch a lot of the same tv. Revenge is awesome - I think it may even be my favorite show. We're also enjoying Revolution and hoping it sticks around (we too were watching Flash Forward and were disappointed when it got cancelled with no ending). I watch Private Practice and Grey's and am ready for both of them to wrap it up at this point. I quit the Bachelor, but got sucked into the last Bachelorette, so I may have to watch Sean's season. (Bachelor Pad is such a summer guilty pleasure of mine.)

Since, this just scratches the surface, I can say without a doubt that i watch too much tv.

The Fenner's said...

Revenge is certainly my favorite show. I also like once upon a time! We watch a lot of the same stuff too!:)

Shannon said...

I am loving watching Revolution. My husband and I normally can't stand watching the same shows because we never can agree, but we are both loving this show!

The Aggie Gardners said...

Smash will be returning for a 2nd season, but not until January. I had to look it up, because I too was hoping for a 2nd season!

Brittany said...

We watch a lot of the same shows! Our DVR is always full! So glad you mentioned Revenge is on Netflix because we have been waiting to finish the first season! We saw about half of it and it was really good!!

The Cozads said...

Oooo gurrrrrl! Get ready to LOVE Revenge and want to watch every episode back to back! It's a top favorite in our house - it's deliciously twisted!