Friday, October 19, 2012

RIP Big Tex.......

It's a sad day in Texas.  

Big Tex went up in flames this morning.
And all that's left is his giant skeleton, his hands and a few shreds of his clothes. 
I can't believe that we were just there yesterday and that we got one the last pictures with the Authentic 60 year old Big Tex.
From what I hear, he's supposed to be back bigger and better next year, but until then, let's walk down Memory Lane and look at Big Tex the last few years.

 2011- Pearson's 1st time at the fair. 

 2010- We didn't get a picture with Big Tex because we went to the fair while we were at the BU/Texas Tech Game.  It was a madhouse so we went to the game ate a few things and left.  No pictures with Big Texas. :(

2009- Matt and I went to the fair together. We were so happy to go since we were in the middle of wedding stuff the year before!!
RIP Big Tex.
We will miss you.


Ashley said...

Do you happen to shop at Walmart in Garland? I think I saw you there on Wednesday!

Grannalisa said...

This makes me so sad!! I remember going for the first when I was in the 4th grade!!!