Wednesday, October 10, 2012

happy {early} anniversary

Our anniversary isn't until tomorrow, but my parents could only babysit tonight so we celebrated a day early.  We dropped off Pearson around 6pm and then headed to our 7pm reservation at Benihana's

 We both still had our $30 birthday gift certificates so we decided to use them tonight!! Check out our bill!!  We paid more in tip than we did for our food!!
 After dinner we went to check out the Trader Joe's.
Yes, we are awesome and go grocery shopping for our anniversary date! Ha!
 We actually went to get one thing......Cookie Butter.....and they were sold out.  We had some at my sister's in law's house and it was too die for.  We were so bummed that they were sold out. 
 Looks like we'll be celebrating our actually anniversary tomorrow by watching the vice presidential debate.  Yipee! :/
It's okay though.  I thoroughly enjoyed my evening out and our quiet night (Pearson spent the night with Lolly & Pops) at home with my hubby!!


Lindsay said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad y'all had a fun date night.

The Fenner's said...

Happy anniversary! I need to go to the trader joes too! Maybe I'll wait a week and get this cookie butter you speak of! Sounds yummy!