Friday, November 30, 2012

IPhone rewind {november}

Just chillin' in the fridge.
Babysitting Miss Olivia
Feeding the ducks behind our house.
Dipping tortillas in butter.  Yum!
I love how he points his little finger out when he stacks his toys. 
Hanging out on Thanksgiving!
Dipping pineapple in ketchup.  Yuck!
Playing at the park.
Future photographer?
And because I started the year taking daily iPhone pics, I'm going to finish the year out with this.....


Alisa said...

I am such a blessed Grammy that even though I don't live close I get to see all these cute pictures of my grandson in action! Love the chillin' in the frig pic, goes well with cousin Carson's sitting in the freezer pic! Ha Ha!