Friday, November 16, 2012

pearson {17 months}

Pearson, this month has been so fun!! Other than the stomach bug you caught, this has by far been my favorite month.  It seems like you are learning new things every day and more and more words each week.  You are so smart.  It's been fun to really see your vocabulary explode.  I love hearing your sweet little voice talk.  You are all boy and I love it!!  You love cars, trucks and really anything with wheels so much.  It's so cute to see you play with them. You are still a pretty serious guy, but we know how to get you to smile and laugh!! Your little smile lights up our world.  You are so precious to us!!  We love you so much sweet boy!

Measurements: 24 pounds 8 ounces

  • shirts/onesies: 18 month shirts; beginning to wear some 18-24 months stuff
  • shorts/pants: 18 months; beginning to wear some 18-24 month stuff
  • pjs: 18 months
  • diaper: size 4 
  • shoe: size 5ish (it really depends on the brand)
Sleeping: I really thought I would hate the one nap schedule but I actually really love it because we can get out and do more during the day and I don't feel so tied down to the house.  You typically nap from 1pm-3pm, but sometimes I put you down earlier and sometime I push you until 2.  On days you go to MDO you don't go down for a nap until 2:15 and you usually sleep until 5pm.  Most days you take a solid 2 hour nap, every now and then I get lucky and you take a 3 hour nap.  Because you are down to one nap, you go to bed at 7:00 sharp.  You sleep until 7:30 or 8am.

Eating: You drink 3 sippy cups of milk, one at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You LOVE milk so sometimes you ask for it with your snack. You go to the panty grab a cup and wait by the fridge saying "nuh".  You eat three meals a day with us and have 1-2 snacks a day. You pretty much eat whatever we eat and you eat alot.  Although this month you have had a stomach bug which resulted in you not eating much of anything for about a week.  Even though you are better you don't seem to have as big of an appetite as you used to.  You've been turning down foods that you normally like.  We introduced to fruit snacks this month and you love them.  I also let you try chocolate milk this month and you did not like it at all. 

New Tricks: You can climb on the couch. You can sign "all done". You have lots of new words. 

Words: Dada (Daddy), Go (when he waves),  Doh (dog), Da("dat"), Woah (hello), MaMa, Duh(Duck), Wah (Water) and LOTS of babbling GoGoGoGoGoGo (when we mention going somewhere), Nuh (milk), Ah-Oh (when he drops something), Di-Dle (Bible), Ca-Ker (cracker), Go-Go (anything with wheels), Doo (Peek-a-Boo), Shhhuh (Shoe) New this month: Cah (car), Nih-Nih (Night, Night) Trac-Ker (tracter), Na-Nuh (Banana), Neuh (No), Gee-Suh (Jesus), Nack (Snack) Di-Da (Diaper)

Teeth: 12 (six top/six bottom) Your bottom left lateral incisor came through this month. Looks like we only have our canines left (top & bottom) and then we are done with teething for a while. Atleast until the dreaded 2 yr molars.  

Likes: Reading books, eating/snacking, letting Izzie chase you while you eat your snack, playing with cars or trucks, coloring, playing with puzzles

Dislikes: Getting his diaper changed, brushing his teeth, waiting for his food when he's hungry, when we don't let you play with the printer or the TV or any technology for that matter.
Other Random Things:
  • When we ask if you are ready to go Night Night you go straight to your crib to get your blankie and paci and just stand there.  You go to bed so easily.
  • You are obsessed with cars and trucks.  If you see or hear a car you say "cah" like a little New Yorker.  You love playing with cars and looking at books with cars. 
  • You are so good at puzzles.  It's crazy how fast you can do them at such a young age.  You are so cute because you will put a piece in, then look up at us and clap for yourself!
  • You love to pull out all of Daddy's shoes out of his closet and try them on when he gets home from work. 
  • You have decided this month that you hate to have your teeth brush.  You kick and scream or just close your mouth as tight as you can so we can't get in.  
  • When you are thirsty you go to the pantry find a cup and wait by the fridge saying "Nuh, Nuh, Nuh" (milk) until I come and get it for you.  We had to start locking the ice and water because sometimes you would just try to help yourself to the water!
  • While your Aunt Ashley watched you last week, you played with Olivia's baby stroller the entire time.  To you, I'm sure it was just a truck you could push because it had wheels!!
  • You had your first stomach bug this month.  It killed me to see you so lethargic and sick, but I sure did enjoy all the snuggles and hugs I got while you were sick. 
  • I gave you chocolate milk for the first time this month.  You took a sip, looked at it, threw it on the ground, and said "Nuh".  You knew that was not the kind of milk that you loved!!  
  • You mimic things we do and it's so cute.  If you see a brush, you will start to brush your hair with it. If you see the the thermometor, you will rub it against your head.  If you see me use anti-bacterial hand wash, you will start to rub your hands together. It's crazy how much you soak up just watching us do everyday things. 

Look how you've changed....


Alisa said...

So fun to hear about all Person is doing now. Can't wait until Thanksgiving to get to spend some time with the little guy!