Wednesday, November 07, 2012

sick boy

Not much going on over here because my little man is under the weather.  It's not normal for him to snuggle so even though he's sick, I'm enjoying all the sweet snuggles I'm getting.
This kid never sits still to watch TV and he didn't budge from the couch this morning.  He can't normally climb up on the couch, but we have a cushion missing because we were spot cleaning it and he found a new favorite spot on the couch.  It was just his size to crawl right up.

I knew it was time to finally call the doctor when he I found him just lying on the kitchen floor.
He hadn't really eaten for 2 days, so of course when we got to the doctor he ate almost an entire snack bag of cheerios.
He also perked up a little bit when he saw this cute boy in the mirror.
Wouldn't you know that just a trip to the doctor would make him feel better? Isn't that how it always goes? 
He's still not totally well, so we are going to do a starchy diet, probiotics, and no milk for a few more days and hopefully this little stomach bug will be gone.  I'm so ready for my baby to be feeling better. As nice as the slowed down version of Pearson is, I miss my busy little boy!!


Gina said...

Poor guy. Sawyer had something similar last week. 48 hours of low temp fever, no appetite and then a rash that followed. Lots of things being passed around by all the littles this time of year.

Lolly said...

I just love that last picture with him smiling at himself!

The Fants said...

I know what you mean about the extra snuggles :) But I hope he feels better soon!

The pictures of him at the doctor are so cute, such big smiles!!

Christine said...

Yep, lots of stuff going around. I thought Naomi was better Tuesday, but it must have just been the Tylenol kicking in along with the cinnamon cluster. She spiked a fever again during her nap that afternoon and has been running one off/on ever since and she still has very little appetite even for junk food. So, we just completed Day 3 of sick feverish kiddo. Saw the doc on Monday and she said to come back on Friday if she isn't better. I normally don't take N to the doctor for things that appear to be viral but the fever coupled with screaming out at night made me go. Hope it clears up soon. Poor thing (plus I'm tired of kiddo TV). Agree though, the snuggles are kinda nice.

Josh and Ricci said...

Jude had a nasty stomach virus last week. We wound up at our pedi's office AND the ER, all in one day. Same thing: wasn't eating, he was SO tired all the time, and Jude even wound up boycotting liquids, too. Hope Pearson is feeling better soon! -Ricci

Alisa said...

So sad our little guy is not feeling well. At least he still had some smiles left when he saw that adorable kid in the mirror! Hope he is better really soon!

Amy said...

Sorry he was not feeling well! I love all the sweet pictures of him, though. Him smiling at himself in the mirror is just precious!