Monday, November 26, 2012

laundry room drama

This morning as Pearson and I were about to walk out of the door to go to the gym and the grocery store, we had a little drama  While I was packing his diaper bag, he kept going in the laundry room.  I didn't really think anything of it because the back door to the garage was locked, so he couldn't get out.  Unfortunately, while he was in there (for no more than 10 seconds by himself), he closed the door to then opened these little plastic drawers that I have between the wall and the washer.  He opened the bottom two and happily started playing with the tools that were in there. Little did he know that he had locked himself in the laundry room. When I went to go get him, I couldn't open the door because the drawers were blocking it.   
I tried to stay calm and figure out a way to close the drawers so that I could open the door, but I just couldn't figure it out.  I couldn't even get my fingers through the crack.  I tried using just about every kind of kitchen utensil to close the drawers, but nothing worked.  At this point Pearson was still happily playing with the tools in the bottom drawer.  I was praying that he couldn't do anything to hurt himself.  I called my Mom to see what she thought I should do.  While I was talking to her I started to cry and that's when Pearson lost it.  I think he realized that he was stuck and got scared.  Since I was trying to calm Pearson down, my Mom called my Dad to see if he could come over and help.  He didn't answer so she called my brother.  While my brother was on his way, my Dad finally called back and he came as well. Pearson screamed bloody murder for a good 5-10 minutes because I just couldn't calm him down.  I finally thought to put on a Baby Einstein video on my phone and slip it through the crack.  Once he had the iPhone with the video on, he was happy.  He would cry ever now and then but for the most part he was fine.  I could see his little feet under the door crack.  He was just standing in the corner.  He never would sit down.

 After he had been in there a good 20-25 my brother finally got him out.  He got some sort of tool that had a sharp-pokey end and he kind of stabbed the plastic drawers so he could push them in.  

Poor guy has tears coming down his face and big puffy eyes once we rescued him!!
 Thanks to my Dad and brother for coming to the rescue.  They even moved my washer so that I could put the drawers in between the washer and dryer where it wouldn't block the door if Pearson ever decides to pull them out again. 
Whew! What a morning!!

I'll have to blog tomorrow about the little trick I know about that "kid-proofs" your iPhone.


Unknown said...

Poor mommy and Pearson. We haven't had any moments like that yet, but I know they are on the way.

Alisa said...

I know it was hard on both of you. But glad everything resolved itself well! Oh the trials of parenthood!

Alisa said...
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Lindsay said...

oh no! so scary but thank goodness your family was close by. And thank goodness for iPhones! I love the new child proof feature!

Darci said...

Oh that would be scary! Glad you had family to help!