Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 on 10 {april 2013}

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

I started my morning with a Spark.  Before we start our Advocare 10 Day Cleanse later this month, I have been trying out different flavors to see which one we want to order.  I'm really loving the Fruit Punch and I'm also loving how it is giving me a healthy little kick start to my day!! 
Although this picture doesn't show it, Pearson was actually really happy to get to see Daddy this morning.  He usually doesn't wake up until after Matt leaves for work so it was a treat for us all to get ready together this morning.
Even though it was cold and "dribbling" (what Amber calls drizzling), we still headed to Story Time. It's crazy how small my car feels with three kiddos in it.  
We love going to Story Time, but today might have been our last time for a while.  My little man was in rare form today.  This picture was about the only moment he semi cooperated today.  Right when we walked in he decided to poop, so we missed the first song while I changed his diaper. Then he didn't participate in any of the songs, wouldn't listen to the stories, kept running away from me, when I tried to hold him he would buck out, he was climbing all over the stroller and not being the sweet boy he normally is when we go to Story Time.  Needless to say we had to walk out.  Once we sat down and read some books, I thought he had settled down, but then he kept pushing his cousin, so we left.
Y'all, we have entered the "Terrible Twos" two months early and I am SOOOOOOOOO not ready for this.  
 Taking care of three kiddos (four from 3-5) is so much different than just taking care of Pearson.  It's crazy at times, but we all have a good time together!! Thankfully after lunch the little ones take great naps {Pearson: 2-3 hours and Lexi: 3-4 hour} so Amber and I get a little quiet time together before we have to pick up Katelyn from the bus stop.
It cracks me up that with a house full of girl toys, Pearson can still find the wheels.  
Since I don't get home from "work" until 5:30 or so, I always have something easy planned for dinner.  Tonight it was Lettuce Wraps from Sam's and Edamame. So easy and so yummy!!
 After dinner Pearson had a little playtime with Daddy.  I love how he sticks his tongue out when he is concentrating just like his Daddy.  After he finished putting his cement truck back together, he clapped for himself and said "Wayyyyy".  I think it is so cute how he says "way" instead of "yay"!!
 At the end of the day, Pearson found my camera.  I posed, smiled and told him "Take my picture", and this is what he did!!  I wonder who he sees do this all the time?? 
I had a great day, but I am exhausted.  Matt and I are both feeling a little under the weather, so we are camped out on the couch for the evening.  We are clearing out our DVR. Survivor, The Following, The Americans, Revolution, and Modern Family are all on the line-up for tonight.  We'll see if we have time for them all.  I have a feeling I'm going to crash pretty soon.  My little man wore me out today!!!

Hope you had a great 10th!!

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Lindsay said...

I love Spark! We drink the pink lemonade flavor. I want to do the cleanse so bad but I've been either pregnant or nursing for the last 32 months. Ha!

Christine said...

I hear ya on Storytime. We try to go, but sometimes Naomi makes it feel like the most exhausting 30 min. adventure.

Two year olds are tough! Between a two year old and an infant, I feel like a get screamed at a lot some days. They grow out of this tantrum stuff someday, right?

Both me and my Dad stick our tongues out like that when we are concentrating hard too. I've seen Naomi do it a couple of times. It's cute when I see her do it, but when I catch myself, I quickly put my tongue back in it's place. :)

The Fants said...

Girl, good luck with the terrible twos!! Bryson completely skipped that phase, but is completely in it now, at 3. Goodness gracious. I wish he would have gotten it out of the way last year! Ha!

Unknown said...

I sometimes have a hard time getting everything ready to take just Landry out somewhere. I can't imagine doing it for 3 little ones!

Growing up I had sisters, so we had lots of girl toys. I think its funny that Pearson always finds the manly thing there and plays with it. :)

Darci said...

Oh boy, I think we have hit the terrible two's too! Not excited about it either! Adelyn has such an opinion these days, its crazy!

I love the picture of him w/his tongue out...Adelyn does that too! :)

Rachel Zimm said...

I love your turquoise floral scarf--where is it from?
the lettuce wraps & edamame look good!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Man, your day was BUSY!!! Those lettuce wraps look good!