Monday, April 29, 2013

samples at sam's

This morning Ashley and I took a quick trip to Sam's with these two cuties!!

They were sweet to each other for about 5 minutes before they starting pushing, biting and scratching.  Ha!!

While we were walking around a lady offered the kiddos a full size sample of a Kids Clif Bar.  They loved them!!  
After we shopped around for a while, we just decided to feed the kiddos some pizza.
Most of the time when I go to Sam's I get quick easy freezer meals and stuff for Matt's lunch but today I got alot of stuff I have never gotten before.  I got Scrubbing Bubbles, Glass Cleaner, Pledge, Goldfish, Kids Cliff Bars, Squeezy Pouch Apple Sauces, Strawberries, Bananas, Whole Wheat Crackers & a Gallon of Milk.  

What are some of your favorite things to get at Sam's??


The Fenner's said...

We usually get milk, eggs, chicken breasts, cereal, paper products, and other breakfast stuff. I always want the baked goods, but usually pass!

Alisa said...

So nice that Pearson and Olivia are so close together in age. They are probably going to almost have a relationship like siblings since they get to spend so much time together!

Kasey said...

Some of the things we buy are spring mix or spinach, Member's Mark diapers and wipes, and contact solution. I always look longingly at the dark chocolate covered pomegranate, but never buy it.