Tuesday, April 30, 2013

iPhone rewind {april 2013}

What did we do before iPhones and Instagram??
I just love capturing all these sweet little moments during the day 
when I don't have my big camera handy.
 ::Me & Amber::Swinging::The Whole Park to Ourselves::
::Trapped in the Bathroom::Victim of the 20 Minute Car Nap::Eatin' a Cupcake::
::Watching the School Bus::Playing Outside::Me & My Buddy::
 ::Double Step::Suckers from the Bank::Sick Boy::
::Trucks are his Thing::Making Salsa::Lunch Date::
::Slidin' in the Park::Izzie Girl::Salad Stealer::
::MOPS Monday::Wathcing the UPS Truck::Detoxing from Lolly & Pops::
::Patio Dinner::Bye Murano, Hello Highlander::First Swim::
::Laying Out::Grilled Banana:: Lovin' Our Sunroof::


Alisa said...

When did you get a new car?!I love it!