Friday, April 19, 2013

cruisin' with mickey

I'm so excited because in just a few weeks we will be crusin' with Mickey & Minnie!!!
Even though Pearson is a "Mee-Me (Mickey) Lovin' Boy", he won't be joining us on this trip. Our 5 year anniversary is coming up on October 11th, so are celebrating a little early without our little man!!  Someday we would love to take Pearson on a Disney Cruise and/or Disney World, but this time just Mommy and Daddy are going.  I'm sure he'll still have a ball while he stays with Lolly & Pops for a few days and then with Grammy & Grandaddy for a few days.
Our cruise will be stopping at Castaway Cay (the Disney island in the Bahamas), Disney World, and Key West, Florida.  We are sooooooooo excited about the stop in Disney World.  We'll be able to spend a full day at Disney World with a Park Hopper Pass.
I've been to Disney World 3 times.  I went with my family twice, once when I was 3 or so (I don't remember) and once when I was in 6th grade.  Then I went again as a high schooler with my club volleyball team while we were at a tournament in Orlando.  Matt has been once when he went with his church choir in 8th grade.   Although we both remember our latest trips, we still feel pretty lost going.  And I'm a little overwhelmed that I don't have much time to research and plan.  So if you have been to Disney World, I would love your help!!!

After a little survey on my Facebook page, we have pretty much decided that we want to spend the bulk of our day, or possibly even all of our day at Epcot.
But I've got lots of questions for you.......
What are the must see, must do, must eat things we need to hit while at Epcot?

Is it reasonable for us to be able to hop to another park in just one day?
If so, we are thinking of going to Hollywood Studies for a little bit?
If we do, what are the things we must do there?

Should we get a FASTPASS?
Is is worth the money?
Are they good at all the park?

Do you have any good book, blog or website recommendations with tips for Disney World?

Any other tips you have for a quick one day trip to Disney World would be appreciated!!


Unknown said...

If you love roller coaster and rides, then I would say it is worth it to get a park hopper pass. Otherwise, I would say its not worth the money and just spend an entire day in one park. However, the fireworks show at the end of the day is best at Magic Kingdom. So if that is something you care about then it might be worth it.

You don't have to pay for fast pass (at least you didn't when we were there a year ago). What you do is go to the most popular ride when you get there. It will give you a time to come back. So you can go wait in line for another ride and then come back later at your assigned time. You can only have one pass out at a time though.

There are some things that aren't worth getting the pass for though. I haven't been to Epcot in FOREVER. Every time we go we spend time at MGM (the name has changed but I can't remember it) and Magic Kingdom. I feel like those two are classic Disney.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have. Joel's family lives there, so we have been lots of times!

Alicia said...

While I sadly do not have any input to add about your questions, I do want to say how fun! What a fun little trip with the hubby:) I'm confident you'll get lots of great answers and will make it a super exciting and special trip with your man!

The Fants said...

Fun! Cruises are so much fun!!

Pearson is going to love looking at pictures of mommy and daddy with me mou :)

Taylor said...

You should have time to go to 2 parks with the pass. (when went in Dec and hit 3 parks in 1 day)
At Epcot, I love the "Countries" the best.

Hollywood Studios is great too- its much more of a "blast from the past" kinda vibe.

I would say that if you're going to do ANY of the sit-down (table service) places to eat, book them now. They fill up reservations so darn fast.

When I was planning my visit, I hit the DW website and spent some time reading about each park and what they had there (attractions/rides/food) and I also checked out the DisneyMom's help board- there's a TON of info there & if you have more questions, someone will answer.