Thursday, August 15, 2013

annual back to school swim party

This past Sunday our ABF had our "Annual Back to School Swim Party".  For the past three years we have had a "Back to School" Party even though we don't really have kids going back to school.  In our defense, we do have lots of teachers in our class that do go back to school.  And this year we have quite a few kiddos, some of which are going to school!! Not elementary school, but Mother's Day Out and preschool!!! Ahh, I can't believe Pearson is about to start two day a week preschool in two weeks!!
 It's crazy to think that two years ago Pearson was the only little baby in our class.  Since then we have added a few boys that are older than Pearson and a little girl that is just a bit younger than him and added 10 babies.  Not to mention there are 6 more on the way! Our class take the whole "Be fruitful and multiply" verse seriously!!
Pearson had a ball jumping in with Brynn & Cooper (the two kiddos his age). 
{The Reams}
 {The Davis'}
 {The Goodings}
 {The Hills}
 {The Cooks}
 {The Raneys}
 {Silly Westin}
 {The Ogles with our newest addition to our class, Eva Mae}
I missed a few other families that were there, Westin's parents, The Hanks and our hosts, The Hares.
And of course my little two year old wouldn't cooperate for a picture. 
 We all brought sides and desserts to share, but Tim was a meat griller for the night! He made some delicious hamburgers and hot dogs. 
 Pearson and Cooper had a little indoor picnic.  They are too cute together! 
 After dinner we all just hung out in the house and watched this kiddos play.  Denise is the baby/kid whisperer of our class and is always so good with the kids.  She has lots of good experience being a nanny of a little girl Pearson's age. 
 Pearson and Cooper reading a story with Cooper's Mommy.  
We are seriously so blessed by all the people we get to "do life" with.  I am already looking forward to the many fun events we have planned for this fall/winter with our ABF!!


Unknown said...

Wish we could have been there! I love all the kiddos in our class now! Landry has lots of friends!!!

Julie said...

Wish we could have been there, too, but so excited for all the friends that Audrey will have growing up!

Alisa said...

This is so great that you, Matt, Pearson and baby Link have such a wonderful group of families as friends to do life with as you so aptly said. You guys are indeed blessed!

Alicia said...

It looks like that back to school swim party was amazing! I love seeing all the new families and all of the sweet babes! Great post:)