Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baby No. 2 {13 weeks}

how far along? 13 weeks
how are you measuring? Right on track.  I was measuring one day ahead in my sono. 
size of baby? size of a medium shrimp, the length of pea pod about 3 inches
heartbeat? 188 bpm (at our 9 week sono)
total weight gain/loss? -1.4 lb
maternity clothes? Nope not yet! I'm enjoying every last moment in my shorts that still fit!!
stretch marks? No new ones. 
sleep?  I have gotten a little more energy back and haven't felt the need to nap everyday.  I think I only took two naps this weeks. I used to take a nap everyday and go to bed early and now I just feel like I need to go to bed early.  Most nights I'm in bed before 9 or 9:30. I've been sleeping hard and only getting up once to go to the bathroom. 
best moment this week?  Matt got a new job!! Praise the Lord!! He'll be working closer to home starting on September 9th. And, Matt helped me clean the entire house on Saturday.  It was desperate for a good cleaning so it was nice to have him help me knock it out. 
movement? Not yet, but I'm soooooo ready to feel him/her. Little baby kicks are my favorite part of pregnancy.
food cravings? Bring on the sweets!! On Saturday I just HAD to have a peanut butter shake from Sonic.
gender predictions? This week I have had so many people tell me that they think I'm having a girl! Who really knows!! I'm just excited to find out.  Five more weeks!!
what i miss? I miss having a gym membership. It's so hard to motivate myself to work out at home. 
what i'm looking forward to? My appointment this week.  It's just always good to get a good report from the doctor and hear that sweet heartbeat.
how are you feeling? Feeling great this week.  For the most part my nausea has gone away. I only felt a little sick this week when a few smells got to me.  
comparisons to last pregnancy? My breasts are so tender and huge already. I don't remember them getting big until the end of my pregnancy with Pearson.  I definitely feel like I'm starting to have a little baby bump, but I still feel very bloated, so I don't know how much of it is actually baby!!

Here I am 13 weeks with Pearson and 13 weeks with Baby No. 2.


The Fenner's said...

Yup, I'm starting to see a little bump! Your cravings crack me up! How was the peanut butter shake? That's one i haven't gotten!:)

Alisa said...

Tell Matt his momma is so proud of him for helping his sweet little pregnant wife clean house. I am so thrilled that Matt is going to be working closer to home. Especially with a new baby on the way. And baby bump? Where you skinny-minny? Kidding aside, I am proud of how well you take care of yourself!

Rachel Zimm said...

I see the bump! so cute! I just starting doing this little survey for my pregnancy too :)