Sunday, August 04, 2013

Baby No. 2 {11 weeks}

how far along? 11 weeks
how are you measuring? Right on track.  I was measuring one day ahead in my sono. 
size of baby? size of a fig
heartbeat? 188 bpm (at our 9 week sono)
total weight gain/loss? -1.4 lb
maternity clothes? Nope, my clothes are still fitting just fine! I'm holding out on maternity clothes as long as possible!!
stretch marks? Just the faded ones on my side from Pearson.  I'm already lotioning up each night! Hoping to not gain anymore!!
sleep?  I'm sleeping sooooooo much better at night this week.  I'm only getting up once at night to go to the bathroom.  Plus I'm still getting in some great naps during the day while Pearson is resting.  It's so weird though to get so much sleep and still feel tired all the time.  Growing a baby is hard work!!
best moment this week?  I know this is pretty lame, but getting my haircut was the best moment of my week!! It had been almost 4 months so I was desperate for a haircut!!
movement? Not yet, but I'm so excited that I will probably feel in in the next month or so since I know what the feeling feels like!! 
food cravings? Still craving anything sweet and cold.  And this week one of the sweets I craved was Clementines.  I just can't get enough of them.  I've had one just about everyday this week.  
gender predictions? I honestly have no idea.  Seven more weeks until we find out though!!
what i miss? Being productive.  I am so tired lately that nothing is getting done at our house.  My cooking has stunk lately, our house is dirty, laundry is piling up and my to-do is never ending.  Sooooooo ready to be in my 2nd trimester so I can have some energy back. 
what i'm looking forward to? Working out this week! I haven't worked out in two weeks because we have just been non-stop busy and I have been tired.  I'm still tired, but we aren't busy this week so I'm going to make it a priority to work out this week!
how are you feeling? My main pregnancy symptom is just being tired so I can't really complain.  However, I've had a little nausea this week, some unpleasant BM's (sorry TMI, but that's pregnancy for ya), and extremely tender breasts. I'm still praising the Lord that I haven't been sick!  Ain't nobody got time for that!!
comparisons to last pregnancy? My mind is not consumed with thoughts of pregnancy and baby things all the time.  By this time with Pearson I'm pretty sure I was already thinking of names, nursery themes, and stuff I wanted to register for.  With this one I've just decided to wait until we find out what we are having to even think about that stuff. 

Here I am 11 weeks with Pearson and 11 weeks with Baby No. 2.


Alicia said...

I love your fun updates and love the comparison portion. I've always heard that each pregnancy is so different... so how fun I'm sure it is to compare the two. So glad to hear that you have not gotten sick but nausea is not fun at all. Rest as much as you can. Growing a baby is hard work for sure;)

Christine said...

Think of your "what I miss" as prep for when the baby gets here. Everything you listed has been the norm since we went from 1 to 2. I'm hoping it gets better when Olivia gets a little older.

Unknown said...

I saw many happy smiles in your face. and I`d say thanks to google who brought me here so i can learn so many ways to live this life happily.