Friday, August 16, 2013

pearson {26 months}

  • This month you have really started to throw screaming fits when you don't get things your way.  i.e. when a TV show is over, when it's time for bed, when we have to leave somewhere, when it's time to clean up, etc. Please tell me this is normal 2 year old behavior and we aren't the only ones in that boat. 
  • You know ALL of your sounds and all of the little motions that I used with my Kindergarteners. You are so incredibly smart.  
  • We are working on learning your colors, but those just haven't clicked like numbers and letter did.  You know all the names of the colors, but when we point to something and ask you what color it is, you get it wrong about 90% of the time.  You confidently throw out a color, but you are almost always wrong.  This week I think we finally mastered orange, red, and blue. 
  • We are having you put your dishes in the sick if they are totally empty.  We tell you to "Go put it in the kitchen sink", but you call it the "Chicken Sink". Love it!!
  • Anytime you hear the song "Up all night to get lucky", you sing "Yucky, Yucky Yucky" over and over again. 
  • You are obsessed with trailers. 
  • Anytime you spot a fire truck, police car or ambulance on the road, you let us know!!
  • You started crying this month when we drop you off at the nursery at church.  You only cry for like 2 minutes, but it's so weird because you have never done that. 
  • You love to dip your food into any kind of dip.  Ranch, ketchup, BBQ sauce etc.  However, you call it "duck".
  • You are very much into yourself.  Everything is "Pearson's ball", "Pearson's turn", "Pearson's cup" etc.  The other day I gave one of your friends a horsey ride on my lap and you came running up to me say "Pearson's Horsey".
  • When we drive by Lolly's house you say "Go dis way".  You get very sad when we don't stop by there house, so most of the time I avoid going into our neighborhood on their side to avoid the tears!
  • When we ask you where the baby is you point to my belly, but then you lift up your shirt and say baby as you point to your belly, and then you do the same thing for Daddy. Apparently we have babies in our bellies.  
  • First thing every morning you say "Daddy Work" and I have to tell you Daddy isn't at home because he's at work. 
  • Your favorite book right now is "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom".  You love to say "OH NO" when the letters fall out of the tree. 
  • When you play peek-a-boo you say "Pearson Doh" (Pearson Go) until we say "Where did Pearson go?  You will not come out until we say that to you!!
  • When we drive on the road that goes to Chick-fil-A he start say "Chick-A-Way!".  He loves our weekly trip to Chick-fil-A for breakfast. 
  • We started giving you gummy vitamins this month and you love them.  You call them "Bia-Mints".  He always wants more than one but he always reminds us that he just gets "One Bia-Mint".  He holds his finger out.
  • You are obsessed with things being too hot. 
  • You always say "Bless You" after we sneeze and you are really starting to say "Thank You" at the appropriate times. Most the time you say "Qweeze"(Please) when you want something. Hopefully you will be a little boy with good manners!
  • You used to always shake your head and say "No, No" but lately you have started just saying "Noooooooo" in really whiney voice.  It is driving me crazy so I'm trying to teach you to say Yes Ma'am and No Ma'am.  When you do say it, it comes out "Yes, Man" and "No, Man".  We've got a little Jamaican!!
  • You have a good understanding of what it means when the stove it too hot.  If I'm cooking, you will put your hand in the air and say "Too Hot".  However, you always think your food is too hot forever.  You will even touch cold food and say too hot. Silly boy!


Alisa said...

I am so glad you continued the Pearson monthly posts. So fun to hear what all he is doing!