Friday, March 07, 2014

nash {1 month}

Dear Sweet Nash-

Everyone told us that everything would go even faster with the second and that has totally been true.  This first month with you has absolutely flown by.  You are the perfect little addition to our family and we are loving every minute with you!!
Since you surprised us and came a little early, you have been a super sleepy baby.  I still don't feel like you have really woken up yet.  You sleep most of the day with just little 15-30 minute wake times a few times a day.  We haven't quite mastered the sleeping at night thing though.  You can go 5 hours without eating, but you don't always sleep the entire 5 hours in between.  For the most part you sleep great for the first 5 hour stretch between 9:30 and 2:30.  You just struggle going back to sleep after your middle of the night feeding.  You grunt a lot in your sleep so it is constantly waking me up.  I think we are going to have to move you out of our room so I can get some better sleep.  If you can't go back to sleep on your own I usually take you out into the living room and sleep on the couch with you on my chest.  That is a sure fire way to get you to sleep for a long time.  It's not forming a good habit, but it works every time.  It makes me wonder how you would sleep if I let you just sleep on your tummy at night.  Since they say "Back is Best" I'm going to continue to swaddle you at night and make you sleep on your back, but nap times will be on your tummy.  
You are doing great at nursing.  We had a little bit of a rough start in the beginning because you had a shallow latch but once we got that fixed things have been smooth sailing.  It's been so nice to know what I'm doing this go round and not stress about anything breastfeeding related.  You are so loud when you nurse.  You sound like a little squeak toy.  We gave you your first bottle around 3.5 weeks.  You didn't seem to mind the switch at all.  I could tell it came out a little faster than when I nurse you because it was exploding out of your mouth as you ate.  You sucked it down though.  I'm so glad that you will take a bottle so I can have a little break if I need it.  
New Tricks/Activities/Accomplishments:  
No real tricks this month…..just learning how to eat & sleep! You have gone out to eat a few times, gone on walks to the park and made a trip to Babies R Us, but other than that we haven't left the house much.  Two kids is definitely harder than one!!  It takes a lot of planning and time to get out the door.  You are gaining weight like a champ!  You weigh about 10 pounds.  
Mam paci, Boppy newborn lounger, bouncer, naps on your tummy, being held, having your bottom pat, riding in the carseat, being swaddled, sleeping on our chest, snuggling, the vibrator on your pack n play.

Getting your diaper changed, when your paci falls out, passing gas, the swing, 
Other Random Facts:
  • You've gained almost 4 lbs since we brought you home from the hospital.  
  • You have pretty much had a diaper rash since we left the hospital.  It's ALMOST all gone.
  • Everyone says you look like your Daddy and brother, but I don't really see it.  I think you look like Nash!!
  • You grunt ALOT.
  • You rarely cry hard, even when it's time to eat.  You just get a little fussy but never really scream.
  • You rocked your newborn pictures, sleeping like a champ almost the entire time. 
  • You are a pretty gassy baby.  If you are awake you seem to be kind of fussy because you are always trying to pass gas.  When you finally toot, it's pretty loud.  You toot like a big boy!

1 month Stats
Weight: 10lbs
Length: 22 inches
Eating: nursing exclusively (every 3 hours during the day and 4-5 hours at night)
Bedtime: around 9:30pm (or whatever time his last feeding is)
Awake: ?? You seriously never really wake up!
Naps: in between every feeding (almost the entire time)
Diapers: newborns 
Clothes: newborn and a few 0-3 months

Pearson at 1 month and Nash at 1 month


Lindsay said...

I can't believe he's already a month old! And he and Pearson look so different!

Alisa said...

Can't wait to spend some more time with this little darling. It looks like to me Nash is going to be more blonde or lighter hair than Pearson. Such a cutie!!! Grammy can't stand it has been so long since I have seen him.