Saturday, March 08, 2014

our little singer

A few weeks ago, we got this little note from Pearson's music teachers in his folder.  
Over the last few months, our little guy has really started to love to sing.  He is almost always singing a song, whether it's one we know or one he has just made up.  It's precious.  We were so excited to hear him sing again at his preschool program!!
Before the program started, we roamed the halls of his school to see all of his artwork that they had displayed all over the school.  
He was so proud to show us his penguin that he had made.  
Before we took Pearson back to his room to get ready for the program he hung out with his best buddy, Logan.  I was super excited to find out from his Mom that he will be doing the same 2 day program next year, so they should be in the same class again!!
We are so proud of our little performer.  He did a great job singing and doing all of the motions.  
Lolly & Pops also joined us in watching our sweet little boy perform!

**For some reason I couldn't get my iMovie to work so I couldn't combine all the video.  You'll have to watch three separate videos to see the whole program.