Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#thelinkhomeeveryday2014 {week 12}

{Day 78}
We had a playdate with The Raney kiddos.  Pearson and Brynn were busy playing while these two were just playing it cool! I can't wait to see these boys grow up together.  

{Day 79}
The weather has been gorgeous lately so we enjoyed a park playdate with a bunch of our neighborhood friends.  

{Day 80}
We started our weekend with a trip to the doctor because Pearson has pink eye.  Not fun at all.  

{Day 81}
Girls Night Out at Gloria's!!

{Day 82}
I'm so excited about the little shirts Mom is making for the boys for Easter!

{Day 83}
Nash has been doing a lot of modeling for Mom's business, Tried and True Designs, but Pearson got to do a little modeling too! 

{Day 84}
Family stroll on the neighborhood trail. 


Alisa said...

The picture of Nash & his little friend is too cute! Love the mustached bunnies on the boys Easter shirts Lolly is making. They are going to look so cute in their matching shirts.

Julie said...

The picture of Pearson modeling (the one where you can see his face) is SOOO adorable!!