Wednesday, March 05, 2014

#thelinkhomeeveryday2014 {week 9}

{Day 57}
We have been singing songs to learn how to spell all of our family's names.  He has his name down, both first and last and now he is working on Mommy and Daddy!! I am just amazed at how quickly this kid soaks stuff up!!

{Day 58}
Pearson had his Spring Program at school and did so good.  He loves to sing!!! I still have some cute videos of him that I need to post.  

{Day 59}
Mmmmmm……Pioneer Woman Blackberry Cobbler.  So easy. So yummy.

{Day 60}
While we were at the park on Saturday, Matt started stretching his arms out.  When Pearson saw him, he went right next to him and starting doing the exact same thing.  Melt my heart.

{Day 61}
We got lots of sleet and ice on Sunday night so we declared it family movie night!!

{Day 62}
Monday was the perfect day to bust our the busy boxes that I made for Pearson before Nash was born! I hope to blog about these in the near future.  

{Day 63}
After I dropped Pearson off at school, I picked up a 99cent Diet Coke at Sonic.  Sadly, I didn't get around to drinking it until nap time at 2pm.  I guess that's life with two kids.  


Lindsay said...

His little preschool program looks so sweet! And we are huge PW blackberry cobbler fans around here. So good!

Alisa said...

Love that Pearson was stretching like his daddy. Too cute. Can't wait for the video of his preschool program. He looks like a little angel in his program picture! Grammy just loves hearing him sing!

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