Tuesday, June 17, 2014

daddy's baseball game

Matt plays softball every Monday night.  We don't typically go because the games are usually after the kid's bedtime.  A few weeks ago Matt's game was at 6:30, so we loaded up the boys and headed to the ballpark.  Sadly, somehow I deleted quite a few of the pictures I took at the game so this is all I have. 
Pearson was so excited to watch Daddy play.  He had been to a few games before but was never really interested in watching. He was very much interested in watching the game this time.  
The other team ended up not having enough players to they had to forfeit.  We got to watch them play for about 20 minutes before they called it.  While it was kind of a wasted trip since they didn't really play a full game, it was the perfect length of game for us because we still made it home in time for bedtime!!
Hopefully, Matt will have another 6:30 game this summer so we can watch a full game.  


Lindsay said...

The pictures you got from this game were worth it! So sweet!