Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DOC Band Baby

Last week we got Nash fitted for a DOC Band and we have an appointment to get it tomorrow.  We are going to have ourselves a cute little DOC Band baby!
Will you say a little prayer for him (and us) tomorrow as we adjust to our new little accessory? He is such a chill baby and I don't just want his helmet to change that.  I'm hoping that if a panty hose over his head doesn't bother him, then neither will his DOC Band.  
We have been incredibly busy lately with VBS, Pearson's Birthday, swim lessons, weekly therapy appointments, and other doctor's appointments.  As soon as things slow down a little bit and I get to feeling better (I've got some nasty sinus junk going on), I plan on blogging all about our little DOC Band adventure and how it got started.  And hopefully I'll have a little extra time to blog about Nash's nursery, Nash's newborn pictures, our potty training experience, Pearson's 3rd Birthday, and Father's Day.  I'm just a little behind in blogging!! I am STILL trying to get back into the groove of blogging.  There's just not as much free time with two kids than there was with one!!  


Lauren said...

Praying for your transition today. Other than the first day it was a total non event! Caroline needed to take a nap as soon as we got home from getting hers and I should have just held her and rocked her so she could sleep. She couldn't settle down in her bed so of course I thought it was bugging her or worse hurting her! She slept 100% normally that night though so it was just the nap. Nash seems so laid back and I know he will do great! And you too!

Unknown said...

Our little guy had to get a DOC band too for the same reason but he wouldn't turn his head left or right. He only had to wear it for 2 or 3 months and it went by fast. I dreaded the transition but he didn't even notice it. The lousy part is having to drive to get it adjusted every week. We got it wrapped here They did an awesome job making his band look cute.