Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#thelinkhomeeveryday2014 {week 25}

{Day 169}
Waiting for swim lessons to begin. 
 {Day 170}
Nash got his DocBand and isn't bothered by it one bit!
 {Day 171}
Pearson definitely isn't swimming after his swim lessons but he learned so much.  
{Day 172}
Pearson always has his tongue sticking out when he is playing or concentrating on something. 
 {Day 173}
Getting ready to watch the USA soccer team! Daddy is teaching them young to love sports!!
 {Day 174}
I finally finished Nash's nursery.  I took lots of pictures and they will be up on the blog tomorrow!
 {Day 175}
The 3D movie at The Perot Museum put Nash right to sleep!


Alisa said...

Loved the pictures! Grammy loves seeing what her precious little guys are doing.

Lolly said...

You are officially a mother of two - you are already calling your kids by the wrong name!! I'm sure NASH didn't learn to swim this year at swim lessons - Haha!