Saturday, June 14, 2014

#thelinkhomeeveryday {week 22}

{Day 148}
Breakfast in the stroller meant two happy kids, Mommy gets her exercise AND I didn't have to pick up crumbs off my clean floors!
{Day 149}
I totally forgot to put deodorant on and brush my teeth and I didn't realize it until 4pm.  Oops.  Atleast we didn't go anywhere. 
{Day 150}
These sweet boys are my world.  I love them so much!
{Day 151}
Daddy knows just how to make this little guys smile.  
{Day 152}
We had a little friendly Bible Drill Competition in ABF today.  Let's just say that I've still got my skills from the good ole days. 
{Day 153}
Matt had a 6:30 game so we got to go watch him play. Pearson loved it!!
{Day 154}
Pops came to visit us before he went on his road trip in his Woody.