Friday, February 27, 2015

do you wanna build a snowman?

When Matt got home from work, we got all bundled up again so we could build a snowman!!
We quickly realized that the snow was still really soft and it wasn't going to be possible to make a real snowman, so we went for more of a snow blob instead of a snowman!!
Pearson was proud of his little snow blob though!!
We snapped a few pictures of each other and then it was time to head back inside.  It was COLD!!!!!
 We definitely aren't made for this cold weather.  Nash was totally unimpressed and Pearson lost interest really quick.  His hand were cold and he was hungry.  That's all he could think about.  
I love the snow when I'm dressed for in in Colorado or New Mexico while skiing but in Texas it's just not as fun.  However, I'm thankful for an occasion snowy day to make these fun memories with my sweet boys!! 


Alisa said...

Well I like Pearson's little snow blob. Are those the frog boots I gave Pearson? You can definitely see by expression on Nash's face that he was not too excited about the snow! But sure is cute in his sock monkey hat!