Thursday, February 26, 2015

donuts with my boys

At the beginning of February we got an ad in the mail for Krispy Creme donuts.  Pearson was pretty intrigued with the X donuts.  Every time we passed a donut store while we were out he would tell me, "Maybe we can go to the donut store and get one of those X donuts today!" The day before Valentine's Day, I decided to surprise him with a little date to Krispy Creme.  He insisted on bringing the ad to show them which one he wanted.  
We had to pass a few donut stores before we got to Krispy Creme……the nearest one is about 20 minutes away.  I hadn't been there since high school so I was so excited to have a Krispy Creme donut too!!
 Wouldn't ya know that they were out of the X donuts when we got there.  Pearson settled for a heart donut.  
 Once he started digging in he didn't seem to mind one bit.  He ate the whole thing.  I couldn't even sneak a bite.  
 This sweet face didn't want anything to do with a donut, (which is fine by me) so he had a granola bar instead.
 After Pearson scarfed down his donut, he enjoyed looking through the window and watching all the workers make the donuts.  
What a fun morning with my two precious boys!
I am so thankful for the fun little outings we get to do together during the day! 


Alisa said...

I love that he took the ad to show which donut he wanted. Looks like he wasn't too disappointed about having to eat the heart one instead! Surprised Nash didn't take to donuts!