Friday, February 27, 2015

it's snowtime!!

I was hesitant to tell Pearson about the snow last night because it was such a letdown on Wednesday.  But this morning when I saw on the radar that it was already snowing in Fort Worth, I knew it was really coming to Dallas!!  I told Pearson to be on the lookout for snow and he was!!  He sat by our window most of the morning waiting for the snow and then for the majority of the morning just watching it come down.  
I stepped outside to make sure nothing was slippery and there was a good amount of snow to play in before we all headed out.  
I wanted to get a cute picture of the boys together, but Pearson would not sit down next Nash! Nash couldn't really move because I had so many layers on him.  He was like a giant marshmallow.  
We pulled the wagon out and this was the best picture I could get.  Pearson was just itching to get out in the snow!!
He was so excited to be out in the snow, but he didn't really want to do anything.  He didn't want to make snowballs or footprints or even a snow angel.  I think the idea of playing in the snow was a whole lot more fun than actually playing in the snow.  He was sooooooo cold!!

Nash just chilled in the wagon while I played with Pearson for a bit.  He wouldn't crack a smile.  
So serious and not impressed. 
My chunky monkey that loves to eat finally realized that he could eat the snow.  Snow was sticking to his socks (that he was wearing as mittens) so he started eating it!! 
 I was laughing so hard at Nash.  He is always on the move but he literally wouldn't budge.  Or smile.
Big brother came over for a few hugs and to try to make him laugh but it didn't work.  
It actually did quite the opposite.  Nash done done D.O.N.E done.  
Pearson and I threw a few snowballs and then we all headed inside to warm up.  
It probably took us about 20 minutes for us to get all bundled up to go outside and I think we only lasted out in the snow for about 10 minutes!!


Alisa said...

Cute bundled up boys in the snow if they didn't get into the "playing in the snow part!"