Monday, February 16, 2015

pearson {3 years 8 months}

  • You have been such a delight lately! I think we are rounding out the "Awful Threes" and moving closer to the "Magical Fours".  
  • We have had some nice days lately and you love to ride your bike. 
  • If I take Nash's pictures, you automatically ask me to take yours. 
  • You talk a lot about when your going to be FOUR.
  • Naps are officially a thing of the past.  I make you rest with nothing in your bed for an hour and then you can read books until Nash wakes up.  I would say one out of every ten days you fall asleep for a nap, but it's a rare occasion now.  
  • You have PJ's that have Grizzly bears on them and you call them Grizzle Bears.
  • When I am eating something, you way of asking if you can have a bite, is "Do I like that?".  I always tell you no, and you respond with.  "Is it spicy?".
  • If we answer one of your questions with Maybe or I Don't Know, you always say "Yes or No".  You need a definite answer!
  • You ask "How many minutes is it?" for "What time is it?"
  • You can completely tell time by yourself on a digital clock.  
  • You can read so well.  I am amazed at what you can read.  You are definitely a sight word reader.  If we tell you what a word says, you remember it the next time you see it.  Such a good memory!!
  • You got to go to a Valentine's Day party at Lolly's house.  One of your favorite things was the "hot chalk" or hop scotch.