Thursday, September 10, 2015

10 on 10 {september 2015}

It's been a while since I have done a 10 on 10, but I'm back!! I love looking back at my old 10 on 10 posts so I decided it was time to start doing them again.  

Here's how our 10th went……

Nash man actually slept in a little this morning and woke up at 7:45!
 My new favorite breakfast is fried eggs and toast.  I have always loved fried eggs, but I could never flip them.  My grandma has made them for me recently a few times while I stayed with her and she shared her trick……coconut oil! It makes flipping them so easy!!
 The boys had school from 9:30-1:00 but the still managed to squish in making a mess before we left the house.  
 Everyone was all smiles for the second day of school. 
**Sidenote: We are parked in the parking lot and Pearson had just unbuckled his top buckle.  I get so irritated when people post picture of their children not properly buckled in their seats.  I just had to make sure you knew we were parked and that he was probably buckled! Safety first!!
 While the boys were at school, I ran a few errands including some couponing trips at CVS and Target, a trip to the bank to get some paperwork notorized, and a trip to At Home to buy these beauties.  My pantry is much smaller in our new house so I wanted a pretty way to put my sugar and flour out on the counter so it wouldn't take up space in my pantry.  I love my new canisters and my chicken wire basket!!
Before I picked up the boys from school, I treated myself to my favorite lunch at Panera…...BBQ chicken salad and a Sierra turkey sandwich.  Matt's sister gave me a Panera gift card for my birthday!!
 After school, I lay Nash down for his nap immediately and then Pearson and I watch a show and eat a snack together before he lays down at 2pm.  Today he chose DinoTruks on Netflix.  If you have boys and aren't watching this show, you need to be! It's great.  Construction trucks meets dinosaurs…'s genius!!
 Nash woke up a little bit before Pearson was allowed to get out of his bed so I got to spend some alone time with this crazy bed head boy!!
 Somehow Pearson got his finger smashed in the baby gate after rest time, but that didn't stop him from reading his books.  This kid loves to read.  And when I say read, I mean read……not just looking at the pictures.  It amazes me how well he reads for a 4 year old.  
 After dinner and baths we all hung out in the playroom and played Candyland!!
 Our days may not be anything special, but I wouldn't trade these days with all my boys for anything.  They make an ordinary day feel extraordinary!!

Happy 10th!!

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