Monday, September 07, 2015

nash {19 months}

Not sure!!
(official measurements from the doctor)
You are mostly wearing 24 month/2T PJ's.  Clothes are mainly 24 months, 18-24 months, and 2T.  You are in size 5 diapers and size 6 or 7 shoes.  

Finally back to normal sleeping. Bedtime is around 7:30 and wake time is between 7-7:30.  Naptime is promptly at 1pm and you usually nap until 3:30……sometimes even later!  When I lay you down you always like to have two lovies in your hands.  In the mornings, you wake up and roll around quite a bit before standing and crying out.  You still haven't started calling for me in the morning.  You just grab the side of the crib and rock back and forth crying until I come and get you.    

You are still my super star eater.  The only thing we have found that you don't like is fish.  Other than that you will eat anything!! You require dip at just about every meal whether it be ketchup, ranch or sour cream, any kind of "di-di" makes you happy!!  You love drinking milk and have about 3 cups a day.  When you don't drink milk you usually drink water and I will occasionally flavor it with a squirt of Mio like I flavor brothers.  You think you are such a big deal when I do that!!  You are doing so well eating with a fork and spoon.  I haven't fed you in a while, but you are finally getting pretty efficient with your utensils rather than having to use your hands.

New Tricks/Activities/Accomplishments: 
Recognizing nose, eyes, & mouth.  Knows some animal sounds. Can follow directions if we guide you. 

Da-De (Daddy) Hiiiiii, Bye-Bye, Bubu and Mama, Heeeyyyy, Doh (duck), Pu-Pee (puppy), Ba-Bee (Baby), Ah-Oh (with a big round mouth) Bah (Ball) Wowwwww,  Doh-Gee (doggy), Buh-dee (birdie) Nigh-Nigh (Night-Night) Woah (Hello) Tru (Truck) Duh-De (duckie), Cheeeee (when smiling for a picture and also for Cheese), Tu-Tu (Choo-Choo), Cah (Car), Buh (Book), Bah (Bath and Ball), Wa-Wa (Water), Meh (Milk), Uhh (Up), Ah (On and Off), Muh (More), Day-Doo (Thank-You), Sheeeew (Shoe), Na-Nuh (Banana), Ca-Cer (Cracker), Cuh-Kee (Cookie), No (No & Nose), My (Mine) {New this month} Tra (Trash), Bi (Bite) Shoooooow (Show), Di-Di (Dip), Yeh-Woh (Hello), Wu-Vee (Lovey), Wuh-You (Love You)

12 (6 top/6 bottom) No new teeth this month.  Lots of drooling and lots of fingers in the mouth so I am expecting some canines to be coming in sometime soon. 

Playing ball, chasing Pearson around with the big dump trucks, playing outside, trying to ride Pearson's scooter, reading books, brushing your teeth by yourself, cars, the bug/ball toy, Word World.

Holding our hands when walking, when we take stuff away from you, when brother is mean to you, diaper changes. 
Other Random Facts:
  • You are doing awesome without you paci out of the crib. First thing in the mooring we go over to your bookshelf and you put it in a basket.  We only use it at sleep times.  (Except for when we travel to Dallas and I let you have it in the car… makes my life easier!!)  
  • Your teacher at church said you were so funny and had the best speech!!
  • You are our little climber.  I keep finding you on top of the kitchen table.  
  • You love to help me unload the dishes.  You like the do the silverware the best!!
  • You like to ham it up for pictures.  When you know I want to take your picture, you stop and say CHEEEEEEEEEESE!
  • You got your third haircut this month and you didn't cry at all.  
  • You mimic whatever brother does. Good or bad. You want to be just like him. 
  • You have the cutest little run.  To bobble side to side and take the tiniest little steps.  It's adorable!!
  • If we blink our eyes at you, you squint your eyes and nose up and it's the cutest thing ever.  
  • You are a dancing machine.  You can feel the beat!!
Here is Pearson at 19 months and Nash at 19 months.
Look how much you have changed…...