Friday, September 04, 2015

Meet the Teacher

A new school year is here!  

We are all so ready to get back into our fall routine.  It's a little bitter sweet for us though, because I'm so sad we aren't at Learning Academy Preschool in Wylie.  We LOVED our old preschool, and I wish we could have spent all of our preschool days there.  I'm sure our new preschool will be great, but it sure is hard leaving one you love.  

Pearson is in Room 9 at Oak Tree Academy.  He is super excited about his new class.  He saw lots of things while we were there that he was ready to play with when school starts.  He got to meet 2 of the 8 little friends in his class.  
 Pearson's teacher is Mrs. Denise.  While we were at Meet the Teacher, we learned that she is from Wylie!  She lived there for over 20 years and taught preschool at the Catholic school in town.  She has been in Tyler since 2008.  How crazy is that?? Such a small world.  
 Nash was in heaven in his new little classroom.  I couldn't even get him to look up to take a picture.  We didn't meet any of his little friends from his class but we did find out that a girl from my MOPS group's little girl is in his class as well as the little girl of the lady I had monogram the boys first day of school shirts.  It's crazy how BIG Tyler is actually starting to feel small with all the connections I keep having with people. 
Nash is in Room 4 with Mrs. Sheila.  He has 6 little friends in his class. He is going to love being at school!! 
 Before we left, we stopped by the music "room".  It's actually just a fenced in open area in the middle of the school.  They boys had so much fun playing with all of the instruments.  They are both going to love their music class with Mrs. Debbie.  
I'm looking forward to a great year at Oak Tree Academy.  I think both of the boys are going to make lots of new friends, and learn and grow a ton!! We can't wait until next Tuesday!!


Nicole LeBlanc said...

So cute! Hope they have a great year!

Christine said...

Miss you friend and sad that ya'll aren't at LAP too! But, I'm so glad that you keep up with your blog so that I can keep up with you! And, WOW, Nash has grown sooo much!