Tuesday, September 08, 2015

1st Day of School {2015-2016}

I can almost guarantee that I will say this every year…….
but i just can't believe I have a Pre-K-er.  

I'm not sad at all when a new school year starts because I know how excited Pearson is to go to school. He loves school and he loves to learn!!  And this former Kindergarten teacher loves that he has a passion for learning!!

It wouldn't be first day of school pics without a few outtakes.  This kid hates to take pictures.  He's almost harder to take pictures of than Nash!!
Pearson got a new backpack this year to reflect his new favorite sport.  
And now for my baby. Can I even call him that now that I'm sending him off to preschool.  If we were still living in Wylie, I was only going to be putting him in Mother's Day one day a week.  The times and drop offs for two different schools was going to be too crazy so I just decided to put them both in the same school to make my life easier.  
He is the absolute youngest in his class.  They start taking kids at 18 months and he turned 19 months yesterday.    I think he will really enjoy being at school two days a week.  He is just going to be pooped when I pick him up.  School is out at 1pm and he can barely stay awake at home until 1pm.  I'm hoping for nice long naps on Tuesday/Thursday!
And of course, here are a few outtakes of my silly little runner.  He will not sit still for pictures at all!!
Since Pearson got a new soccer backpack, we passed down his baseball backpack to Nash.  He loves balls and especially loves throwing them, so the theme fits him well!! It cracks me up how big it is on him.  He loved walking around with it!!
Oh this picture cracks me up!! It's like they are looking at each other say, "Watch out Oak Tree Academy…..here come the Link boys!!"
Hope these two squirts don't cause too much trouble for their teachers!
I was a little bummed that that their school this year didn't start until 9:30, but I needed every extra minute this morning to get two boys ready for school instead of one.  I am going to be up a creek next year when we have to be ready for school by 7:45.  The picture below is in front of their school, and it's literally the only picture I got of them this morning.  Thank goodness we took all our other "first day of school" pictures last week.  I started taking our first day of school pictures before the actual first day a few years ago and it was a grand idea! It was just too hard for me to fit it in our crazy morning schedule.  We can take as long as we need to get good pictures because we aren't in a hurry to get to school!!
Room 9 is in for a treat having my sweet, smart Pearson!!
He knew just what to do when he got in his room.
 He's got this!!  He's going to have a great year!! 
And room 4 is better be ready for lots of laughs and love from my silly little love bug Nash!
 While a few kids were still crying, he ran straight to the kitchen and started playing.  
 I peeked on him once more before I left and he was happily playing.  He's going to have a great day!!
I can't believe how much he has grown since last years first day of school.  
It just blows my mind each year how much he grows up!
Pearson had his very first day of school at 15 months and Nash is 19 months, but here are both of their first day of school pictures!
Here's to a new school year at a new school in a new city.  
We are going to make it a great year!!