Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a spooky lunch

I am definitely not a bento box lunch creating Mama.  There are so many cute little lunch ideas for kids on Pinterest, but I just stick with a good or PBJ or Turkey Cheese and Cracker and then throw in all their favorites……..apple sauce, cheese-its, fruit, etc.  They eat it all up so quick and I don't think my boys would really appreciate the time and effort it takes to make cute lunches.  

However, I had seen a lot of super cute ideas on Pinterest for Halloween lunches so I decided to pack a special spooky lunch for the boys today!! It really was so easy to put together and I loved that it was all stuff I already had or stuff I know they will eat! 
Mummy Juice boxes (used bandage tape)
Mummy Dog
Jack-O-Lantern Cutie
Cheese Stick Ghost
Apple Teeth
Frankenstein Applesauce
This was an original idea of mine!! 
I alway put a squeezy pouch in the boys lunches.  When I threw it in I realized the cap looked a lot like the neck bolts on Frankenstein.  To get another one on the other side, I gave the boys an applesauce for snack and saved the top.  I hot glued the top to a puff ball, then I hot glued the puff ball into the bottom part of the applesauce.  I just cut out a green piece of paper the size of the applesauce then decorated him with a permanent marker and google eyes!! I love how he turned out!!
 Rice Crispy Treat with sprinkles on top
 When I picked up Pearson from school, he asked if he could have an even spookier lunch for Thursday.  I just love that he loved it!!!
 Nash couldn't tell me that he loved it, but I know that he did, because he didn't come home with even a crumb in his lunch box.  He loves to eat……it doesn't matter what it looks like!!
 It's so fun being these boy's Mama!!
Thanks for their cute Frankenstein shirts, Lolly!!


Erica Ladwig said...

This is super cute! Those are so easy that even I could do them! :) Glad you are back to blogging too, can't wait to hear more about life in Tyler.