Monday, January 19, 2009


Last week, my students were working very quiet.  (which is very rare this year)  I decided they deserved a skittle for working so quietly.  

I have one student who happens to think that purple skittle are "chocolate."  But not just regular chocolate.  He says it in Spanish.  I've tried to tell him that purple skittles are grape flavored but he just swears they are "chocolate".  

When I handed him a lemon skittle, he was a little disappointed that he didn't get a "chocolate" skittle.  He decided to eat it anyway.  A few seconds later he came up to me with the lemon skittle about to come out of his mouth.  Our conversation went a little like this.  

Student:  Ewww....I'm allergic to lemon skittles.  
Mrs. Link:  Well then you better spit it out if you are allergic. 
(He spits it out)
Student:  Can I have a "chocolate" one now?
Mrs. Link:  No sweetie, I already gave you a skittle, and you spit it out.  
Student: But I allergic to lemon skittles.
Mrs. Link:  Sweetie, I know all of the allergies in our class, and your mother didn't tell me that you were allergic to lemon skittles.
Student: Mom doesn't know yet.  I haven't told her.  
Mrs. Link: Sorry sweetie, maybe next time you will get a "chocolate" skittle.  

Here comes the funniest part of the story...

After this whole conversation went down I overhead another boy say, "You're not allergic to lemon skittles.  You're lying."

His response to that was "Nuh-UH....I'm allergic to lying."

Wouldn't it be nice if some people really were allergic to lying?