Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Don't Like Ruffles

.....and neither does Jason.

This post is for my "Bachelor Lovers" Ally and Carissa and anyone else who is not ashamed to admit they like the show. (Not Bachelors Lovers as in "We love Jason", but we love the show "Bachelor Lovers." We don't need Jason because we all have fabulous husbands!!)

If you don't watch The Bachelor, you can just stop reading right now.

From here on out ladies, I just going to give a comment about each girl. Let's start with the ladies that left.

Did you all notice that all three girls that left at the rose ceremony were all wearing dresses with ruffles?

Shannon- It's about time. She was so fake. She tried to cry and act like she really wanted to be with him on the group date. Then after the rose ceremony she was just smiling like it was no big deal. I thought it was hilarious when they kissed and then she said "Wow, we really have a connection." She's crazy!

Lauren- I liked her honesty last week, but this week she was just flat out annoying. I'm pretty sure no guy wants to be bossed around or "dominated" as she said. And when she thought Jason would know why she was mad.....Seriously??

Megan- Good. I wish I could see Jason's reaction to the way she acts when she is not with him. Maybe they will show it on the show when they all come back.

Nicole- I thought I liked her, but she really got on my nerves this week. She is very unstable emotionally. I think she was just doing this so she could be married and be a mom someday. She felt like it was "her turn." I think it wouldn't have mattered who the guy was, she would have like them even if she didn't like them. She just wants to be married in the end.

Now for the girls who are still there.

Jillian- Still my favorite. So down to earth. I love how she just chilled and didn't get upset when she didn't get one on one time on the group date. I thought it was cute that Jason said she was the backbone of the girls. I think he really sees that she gets along with everybody. That is a good quality to have.

Molly- She is cute as cute can be, and she seems to have great conversation with Jason. I just didn't like how she bragged about how she stayed the whole night with Jason. And really couldn't stand how she made such a big deal about being so tired. I think they did a lot more than kissing in that tent.

Stephanie- Sweet as sweet can be. She is so genuine so appreciative of everything Jason does for her. I just don't think they have a romantic connection. And she's kind of old. I mean 34 isn't old, but she seems way older than the other girls. But I don't even know how old Jason is.

Naomi- I feel like I don't know that much about her. I like her so far. I don't have anything to not like about her, but I also don't have anything to love about her.

Melissa- I'm liking her more and more. She seems sweet and I think she was being very honest when she told him that she was falling for him. Her tears were real. Did you hear what she said when they had their one on one conversation? She was talking about how she hadn't been excited to see someone in a long time. And she hadn't "done it" in a while. Did she mean what I think she meant? If so...I think a little less of her. Why would she say that??

Jillian is still my girl!! Until next week girls....

And I think ruffle dresses make people look like big blobs.....even if they are in style.


David, Ally, and Micah said...

Yay! We MUST do this every week.

OK, I totally agree about the girls that went home. Shannon was creepy by this point (I mean seriously, begging?), Lauren was straight up rude, Megan was awful, and Nicole felt way to sorry for herself and tried too hard. I don't even think she felt a connection with Jason.

For the gals that stayed...
Jillian: I don't like her quite as much as you do, but she is at the top of my list. Sometimes I can't tell if she is there for him or if she just wants to have fun.

Molly: I like her a lot except I agree, the "I'm sooo tired" thing was weird and I too wonder what else went on in that tent.

Stephanie: love her... but I don't see it going anywhere because of the connection and her age, I'm right there with you.

Naomi: I just don't get a good vibe from her, and the whole sitting off by herself to get attention on the group date was way lame.

Melissa: She is my fave, I like her more and more as she opens up. However, I hope that we misheard her or misunderstood what she was saying because otherwise she is a little more hoochie than I thought. I think she was saying "I haven't [fallen in love] in a while". That's what I like to think at least.

If 2 go home next week, as of now I am thinking it will be Naomi and Stephanie. But we'll just have to wait and see how the week goes.

OH also, you mentioned the "girls tell all" episode. I CANNOT WAIT for that! It should be interesting. I know they'll do a segment all on Megan and piece together all the mean things she said.

Lastly, I agree about the ruffles and I hadn't noticed that. You are so very observant! I did notice Shannon's and I noticed it was not flattering.

Ok, back to the real world. Until next week!

The Vann's said...

Wow I agree with you both!!

Melissa is great. So cute and fun but does kind of remind me of DeAnna a little bit. hmmm...interesting.

I like Jillian but missed the episode where they went on the date so I don't really know a lot about her.

I was putting Eden down when he went on the date with Molly but it seemed a little shady from what I saw!

Naomi is just desperate for attention. I agree Ally, lame-O for going off by herself. but, really pretty although can't see her as a mom.

I think Stephanie is great but it just doesn't seem romantic between those two!

THANK goodness Shannon went home. My gosh that woman was annoying. I made Nick watch it with me this week and he kept referring to her as the annoying one with the long neck and butt for a nose.

Lauren: just plain dumb!

Megan: not his type and a trash mouth who seems like a partier!

Also, another Nick comment would be that Jason reminds him on Kermit the Frog!!


This is great - thanks Katy for letting me vent on your blog each week :)