Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bride Wars

Thursday night the all The Honeymooners spilt up.  

The guys stayed at the Cook's house to the manly game of poker....

........while the girls went to go see the girly movie Bride Wars.  

Since we have all been recently married we decided we were going to all pull out our veils and wear them to the movies!  I never thought I would ever get to wear my veil again, so it was fun.  When we showed up at the Cook's house, none of the girls walking in had their veils on.  I told Matt I was kind of bummed that no one was participating in the fun.  His response to that was "Maybe no one else thinks it is as cool as you think to wear you veil to the movies!!"  But luckily there were some other girls that did think it was a fun idea.  
We got a couple seconds glances at the movie theater.  And we didn't even have to tell the lady selling the tickets what movie we were seeing.  I thought it was a great movie.  It was great to see it with girlfriends, because I don't think I would have ever been able to drag Matt to go see it! 


Jodi said...

Umm Katy... that is Cheryl and Sarah in those pictures with you! You go to the Heights?!!! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS? Andrew and I teach 11th grade in the youth group and are really involved down in the Brick with the youth! CRAZY.... we need to see each other!