Monday, January 05, 2009

Do You Talk to the TV?

Matt can not watch a televised sport without yelling at the TV.

If an ump or ref makes a bad call, he lets them know.
If a player does something stupid, he lets that player know.
If a coach makes a dumb decision, he lets them know.
And if an announcer says something wrong or dumb, he lets them know.

I don't get it. I don't understand the need to yell at the TV. It doesn't hear you and it doesn't talk back.

I didn't understand until tonight.....FINALLY I felt what my husband feels when he yells at the TV.

Tonight I watched.....

I just really feel the need to commentate the whole show.

If a girl says a stupid pick up line, I have to let her know.
If a girl is wearing an ugly dress, I have to let her know.
If a girl does something dumb, I have to let her know.
And If the Bachelor makes a stupid decision, I have to let him know.

The lesson learned here that women watching the Bachelor are much like men watching sports.

I finally understand Matt's need to talk to the TV even if it doesn't talk back. It just feels good to let your opinion out sometime and not have anyone comment back.

You should try it sometime!!

*On a side note, I know that The Bachelor is a really stupid reality show, that you can't really find true love on. But I started watching it from it's very first season with Trista and Ryan. It's just so addiciting. Is anybody with me?


Jennifer said...

I get it from both sides. I yell at sporting events, thanks a lot for passing along that gene, Stan! and I love the Bachelor. Although I have to admit that I didn't realize that it started tonight, so I'll have to watch it online. I did watch the Fiesta Bowl...Hook 'Em Horns Sister!!

The Vann's said...

I am with you Katy! I love that show even though it's ridiculously stupid - like seriously who wants to kiss someone when you know they just kissed someone else like 2 hours earlier etc...
I totally yell at them - like the girl who says her secret talent or something was that she was a good kisser or whatever that was - anyway it was dumb and I recall hitting nick and saying are you kidding me? Did that girl really just say that?? I hope that Jason can see through the fakies!!!

- We should keep each other updated on who we like - I love doing that and comparing opinions about the girls! :)