Saturday, January 24, 2009

Name That Tune

Last night we had a friendly game of Name that Tune with our ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship...I'm still transitioning from calling it Sunday School all my life.) About 20 of us met up at the church to play Name that Tune. The Cozad's did an amazing job getting the game together.  The had some really great categories.  Round 1 consisted of Movies, Grammy Nominees,  Girls Names, Grab Bag Christian, and one I can't remember. Round 2 consisted of the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's.  And the final round was, Song you like, but hate to admit, Songs you wish you could forget, Musicals, TV Shows, and Countries.

I get so competitive when it comes to playing games.  Matt did really great at the game.  By the end of the game, Matt was known for raising his hand first and then looking to our team for the answer because he would go blank.  I did a whole lot better than I thought I would.   I was so excited about the Musical category.  My family gets season tickets to the Dallas Summer Musicals and I have been to NYC twice, so I have seen quite a few musicals. That was my best category.  But the best song I guessed was Wannabe by the Spice Girls.  I guessed it in the first 4 seconds.  All I heard was the stair steps at the very beginning of the song.  Listen to it for yourself here.   Everyone was so surprised that I got it so quick.  I give all the credit to Lindsey Jones' birthday party when I was in 7th grade.  She got the CD for her birthday when it first game out and we listened to the song probably 100 times in a row.  I know that song quite well!  I think Matt was a little embarrassed of me at some points in the game, but we sure did have a lot fun.  Our team lost the first round, but kicked butt in the last two rounds.  And we dominated in the Lighting Round.  

I'm pretty sure our ABF did this last year too, so I'm already looking forward to next years Name That Tune.