Monday, February 02, 2009

Bye Bye, Stephanie

If you aren't a Bachelor watcher, you can stop reading now!!

I knew Stephanie wasn't going to end up with Jason. I liked her, but I didn't like her for Jason. She seems like a very sweet girl, but she is older than Jason and they just didn't have that special spark. I got really annoyed that the voice she talked to Sophia in, was the voice that she used for everyone else. I was happy to see the way that she handled the outcome though. She is definitely more mature than most of the girls on the show.

He likes 'em young. I just read on the website that he is 32. Molly is 24, Naomi is 24, and Melissa is 25.

That is why Jillian is perfect, because she is 29. I'm still lovin' Jillian. She's honest. I know he didn't really like to hear that she was hear for the adventure, but surely he sees that she is falling for him.

I was disappointed with the girls on the group date. I was disgusted that they asked the girls how they like it in the bedroom. Even though I am married, I woudn't answer that question on a radio station. That is personal stuff.

I really can't decide if I like Melissa or not. Some times I like her, then sometimes I don't. I am interested to see how her hometown date goes next week, since he doesn't get to meet her parents.

I am really surprised that Naomi didn't go home, especially after his little talk that he had with her. I would be scared after she told the story about her Mom. But I would be extremely scared after she said that she thinks she is alot like her Mom.

Molly is cute, but kind of full of herself. I think she will be in the top 2 girls.

I'm excited for home-town dates That is when it starts getting really good.


David, Ally, and Micah said...

I agree about Stephanie, she was so sweet but just not right for Jason. However, I wish that he had kept her for one more week to get rid of Naomi. She drives me crazy. What is with the hair in her face all the time?

I am starting to like Jillian more and more I am just afraid that she might hurt him in the end if she is just playing the game and enjoying the adventure.

My fave is still Melissa. She didn't win me over this week, though. I thought she should've made a bigger deal about getting to see Ty... that was a really big deal to Jason and she didn't really seem to care all that much. I also thought she could've sounded more excited to get the date at Jason's house. Next week should be interesting.

I like Molly but agree she is full of herself. I think that the final 2 are going to be Melissa and Molly but who knows.

I also was disgusted with the radio conversation. That was terrible.

Until next week...

Nicolas said...
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The Vann's said...

Hey girls,
Ok so I love Steph but totally agree there was no spark. But, I think she would make a great bachelorette for next season. What do you think?

Is it just me or does it seem like there is all physical attraction with all the girls and him. I just am having a hard time seeing him with any of them for the long haul you know? It seems like just a summer fling type relationship with all of them.

Melissa: I really like her a lot, but I just can't quite figure her out. I'm so confused about her. I think she would make a great match for Jason but I need to see how she is with Ty.

Naomi: Totally needs to go. She is gorgeous (except for that piece of hair in her face) but I can see their relationship ending fast after the physical part goes away (you know what I mean).

Molly: Not sure about. I can't see her being a good mom.

Jillian: I really like her a lot but I hope she is serious and not just in this for fun.

I agree about the radio station thing. Messed up!!

Also, do you notice that they don't ever show the stuff they talk about like "what do you do?" etc. I wish they would show that kind of stuff and not so much of the making out!!

Blog ya' next week :)