Saturday, February 28, 2009

fabric & flowers

If you give my mom fabric or flowers, she can do just about anything with them.  She has been helping me decorate my house since we got married.  I don't know what I would do without her.  

Take a look at what she's made....

Flower arrangement by our bathtub

Curtain in our bathroom

Flower arrangement in a box on a bookshelf in our bedroom

Cornice Board and pillows in our bedroom

Crazy Quilt Pillow on our bed

Flower arrangement on our kitchen table

Curtains in Kitchen

Detail on the curtain kitchen
Curtain on the back door 

Curtains in the living room

Detail on the living room curtains

And my favorite....a crazy quilt banner in one of our hallways

Now that we have curtains, the virtual tour of our house will be coming soon!  I just have to decorate our mantle and we will be good to go.  I can't wait to "invite" you into our home!!


MMm&m said...

Your mom: the ROCKSTAR!!!