Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Restaurant Review

This month Matt and I tried out Avocado California Roll & Sushi in Garland at the Firewheel Towncenter.  We had some wonderful Sushi on our honeymoon and I was really craving some tonight.  My little brother had been to Avocado and said it was really good so we decided to try it out.  

We ordered edamame for an appetizer. When we ordered it, the waitress said, "You know your first order of edamame is free, right?"  We didn't, but we gladly took our free edamame. favorite.

Then we split 3 different kinds of Sushi.  The menu had a detailed description and a picture of each roll.  That really helped us make our decisions.  The pictures I posted here are from their website.   They are also the same pictures that were on the menu.  
California Roll
You can never go wrong with a California Roll.  We both loved this one!

Sun of Philadelphia 
I really wanted to like the Salmon on top, but the slimy/mushy texture was not cool, but the rest was good.  

New York, New York
This picture does not do this roll justice.  It was our favorite.  It had crab meat, avocado, cucumber and fried shrimp.  Yummy!!

3 Sushi Rolls
1 drink
$5 off coupon
Price:  $33.00

We give Avocado..........TWO THUMBS UP

If you want to check Avocado out too,  print out this coupon!


Meredith - proud mama of two said...

Hey girl! I can't believe I found you amidst the blog-o-sphere! Wasn't it just yesterday we were dealing with youngins at the Towers? Now we're married with responsibility. Yikes! Looking forward to keeping up with your everyday happenins!

(or Mom!) said...

Umm yummy. The boys spent the night with David's mom & Norman Friday night and since David was working, I had a "free" night. For me that means Sushi and girly movies. We're pretty limited in our sushi options here in Sher-town, but believe it or not our Wal-Mart has a sushi-chef on site and he makes it fresh each weekday. I had Spicy Rolls Friday night, but I definitely enjoy the California rolls too.