Sunday, March 01, 2009

i be up in the gym.....

.....just working on my fitness!!

Matt and I just joined 24 Hour Fitness.  I'm so excited to have a work out buddy.   We got a super good deal.  Matt gets a great discount for both of us for working at Children's Medical Center.  We are basically paying less than what one person would normally pay for both of us.  We are going to try to make a routine of going on the same days each week so it just becomes habit.  We are both hoping to stay fit and I'm hoping to shed off the 5ish pounds I've gained since being married.  


Meredith - proud mama of two said...

Wow, only 5ish pounds since being married. If only I had 5ish pounds to lose..oy vay!

I can't really remember how I found you on here. Ben and I were sitting on the couch and he was on his blackberry and just told me to go to this website. When I got there, it was your blog! Maybe he found you on facebook??? Either way, I am so glad I did!