Tuesday, March 17, 2009

go melissa!!!

Did you see Melissa on Dancing with the Stars last night??  She was smokin' hot.  She did such an awesome job at the Salsa, and she looked good doing it, too.  She even did great last week, and she only had 48 hrs to practice the dance.  If you are not a fan of Dancing With the Stars or just missed it, here is a video of her dancing.  It's not very good quality, but you can still tell that she did an amazing job!!

I'm rooting for Melissa Rycroftand Shawn Johnson. Who are you rooting for??


David, Ally, & Micah said...

I'm totally rooting for Melissa, too!

And I really liked your previous post... I get sick of people saying "what do you do all day?" when I feel like I run around all day!

Brandi Gail said...

I just watched the video you posted! WOW! She rocked!!