Tuesday, March 17, 2009

someone thinks I hate my dog

This afternoon I had to run to the grocery store because I realized I was missing two ingredients for our dinner tonight.  Anytime I take a quick trip somewhere I usually bring Izzie along. She loves to stick her head out the window and feel the fresh air blow on her face.  She's loved being in the car since she was a puppy.  Here is a picture of her in my Mom's car.  She just laid on the console the whole time we were driving.  

So back to the point of my story.  I got to the grocery store, cracked the windows and ran into the grocery store to grab a tomato and some olives.  I was really quick.  But while I was in the grocery store, someone slipped this note in the window.  

First of all, it was only 78 degrees and second of all I was in the grocery store for literally five minutes.  So she reported me....who did she report me to?  Are the cops going to come after me tonight?  

I e-mailed Matt a picture of this note and he texted me back saying "haha....dog hater."

This person thinks I'm a dog hater. I wish she would have left me her e-mail address show I could show her my blog.  I think she would see that I love my dog.  I just posted a video of her an hour ago.  

So to the random person that put a note in my car......"I don't hate my dog, I actually love her a whole lot."


Amber Rawlings said...


Brandi Gail said...

That person is an idiot! Of course you love your dog! I take Maggie Mae with me, and run in to places sometimes too! HILARIOUS!

Brittany said...

Don't worry the same thing happened to me. I was at this thing for work, and Jack's carrier was in my back seat but he wasn't in it. Someone left a note on my windshield that said, "I hope you don't have an animal in that HOT carrier!" I was so mad!