Sunday, March 29, 2009


On Friday night we had our ABF over to our house for a "Wiiesta."  We had Mexican theme food, a pinata , and Samba de Amig0.   (a game similar to Dance Dance Revolution, but you have to shake the maraca instead of moving your feet. )
I was busy all day Friday cleaning house and cooking, but it was totally worth it.  I made a tres leches cake, homemade hot sauce, queso, a sopapilla cheesecake and peanut butter treats.  Lots of other goodies were brought by our class. We had about 20 people at our house.  Luckily our next door neighbors were out of town, because we got pretty loud!!

Here are some pictures from the night.....

Matt and Ben getting the Pinata ready. 

Matt tearing it up on Samba de Amigo

Me and Sara shakin' it

Having a good time at our first party at our house!!