Friday, March 20, 2009

let the madness begin

Wednesday when Matt got home from work, he printed out two brackets for us to fill out.  We had all intentions of filling them out before we went to the church to play basketball (Matt  plays with the guys while I chat with the girls), but that didn't happen.  We got home late and finally got in bed at after 11pm.   We had almost fallen asleep when Matt realized we hadn't filled out our brackets.  We got up at 11:30 and filled our brackets.  

I think it is quite fun to fill out the bracket and not know a single thing about the teams.  It's all a wild guess, but it's cool to see that I have made quite a few predictions right so far. 

I'll be doing my best to not watch any games, and my sweet husband will be doing his best to watch all of the games.  

Is it April yet?


The Fants said...

Michael came home for lunch today. He walked straight for the remote, changed the channel to basketball and didn't take his eyes off the tv until he had to go back to work.
I feel your pain :)