Monday, March 09, 2009

Better late than never....

So we all know what happen. Jason tried to get the best of both worlds and wound up looking like a big fat jerk. I really don't understand why he didn't just break it off before the After the Rose Show and then just start dating Molly off the camera. He wouldn't have been the first to do it. I never heard about Prince Lorenzo doing that, so we might have never heard if Jason switched girls. He just publicly made himself look like a jerk. Not a good decision. I think he was down right rude by breaking up with Melissa and then minutes later start making out with Melissa. And well....I don't think it was to classy for Molly to be doing it either.

Overall, I think it was a perfect ending for the low and selfish people that Jason and Molly seem to be. They deserve each other. And Melissa deserves so much better than Jason. I feel really sorry for Jason if things don’t work out because I don’t know how he will ever be able to convince someone that he is not a jerk. I was watching a clip on Ellen of Molly and Jason on her show the other day. Molly said she was eventually going to move to Seattle. I wonder if that will ever happen.

So Melissa definitely got the better end of the deal…..she's moving on to Dancing with the Stars. And I thought she did a pretty good job last night. I loved all the judges comments for Melissa. One judge came straight out and called Jason a loser. And another one said “The Bachelor’s loss is Dancing with the Stars gain!” So true. I think she will go far in this competition, because I think she has quite a few loyal fans that want her to win something!!

I will be tuning in next season to The Bachelorette and I hope that you will still check back and discuss it with me since my husband could care less about the show. He is not one to discuss the show with me, but he did watch a portion of Jason breaking up with Melissa with me. Jason just kept talking and talking and wasn’t really making any sense…..that’s when Matt said, “He sounds like Obama. Haha.

Okay I need to end this post. I’m already a week behind, but I have to show you that I pretty much nailed it with one of my previous Bachelor post. Jason is an IDIOT!!! The reason for that title was because I was shocked that he let Jillian go. You can pretty much read that old post and it is relevant after last week's final rose ceremony and final rose show. I loved her, and at the time, I loved them together. But I’m so so glad that Jillian was able to escape the final rose ceremony and move on to being the next Bachelorette!! Yay!! I'm so excited about that.

Until next season…..


The Gann's said...

I LOVE YOUR POST!! HAHA.. you crack me up. I will TUNE in! I am glad you keep up with this blog thing! I have got to get better at it... maybe over spring break I can get a lot better!? :) 3 more days!

David, Ally, & Micah said...

I totally agree! And as much as I would like to say "I am never watching that show again", I know that I'll tune in to see Jillian as the bachelorette. I, too, loved Melissa on Dancing with the Stars!

Until next season!

(OH and I am so in to this season of the Biggest Loser, too!)