Wednesday, February 11, 2009

crafts & coupons

I have always loved making crafts.

And I have recently fallen in love with coupons.

I have always loved a good deal, so I'm surprised that I have just now gotten into the world of coupons.  And let me be the first to tell you that their is a "coupon world."  There are all sorts of blogs where people talk about saving with coupons and give tips.  There are websites with FREE coupons.  And recently, I got a free 4 week membership with  It was fun while it lasted, but I didn't find it necessary to keep my membership.  It really got me started saving.  Using coupons is definitely a game.  You have to find the best sale price and then use your coupon along with the sale price.  

Every Sunday afternoon I clip coupons and put them in my "not so cute" coupon holder.  (that has no labels.)  

They fall out and sometimes I don't even take the time to sort them.  I just put them in the front.  It takes a while on Sunday afternoon to get them all clipped and then sort through the ads to find the best deals, but I think it's worth it.  I save anywhere from $20-$50 dollars each week on groceries.  

I was recently reading on my old Bible Study leaders blog and saw these.  

Aren't these the cutest coupon holders ever?

They originally got the idea from here.  They bought the boxes from Macy's, and covered the dividers with scrapbook paper.    I think it is worth stealing.  

I'm going to make one.  Do you want to make one with me?  I have tons of scrapbook paper that I am trying to get rid of.  I would love to share it with you.  We could have a coupon box making party!!  


FANTastic said...

I love it!!! I have actually been obsessed with coupons in the Sunday paper since high school. I would spend hours looking through them and cutting them out, but never once have I ever used them until a couple weeks ago. Now I'm hooked! I love when the cashier starts scanning them and the total slowly decreases. And right now, all my coupons are in an envelope. haha!

Jodi said...

Katy, I read Heathers blog too and fell in love with what Kirby and her did. Let me know where you find these cute boxes around here. I would love to start coupon-ing!

Amber Rawlings said...

i love this! i actually just made the decision to do my kitchen with this color... even though im not much of a cook!!! its super cute!

Brandi Gail said...

I love this idea! My coupons are in a envelope too, and I just started cutting coupons about a month or so ago! Let me know if u do the box party, I would love to join!