Wednesday, April 01, 2009

april fools

I got fooled this morning by my husband.

Last night I was complaining to him about the recent pounds that have been creeping up on me these days. Basically I was throwing a pity party for myself, and nothing he said was going to make me feel better. He gets so annoyed when I do this.

I woke up this morning and thought it was time to get on the scale and see if I really did have a reason to be throwing a pity party. I hadn't weighed in about 2 weeks, so I was dreading getting on the scale this morning, for fear it would tell me the ugly truth.

So I closed my eyes.

Stood there for a second.

Waited for the dreaded number.

So I looked at the last two numbers.

**I always just look at the last two number, because I know what the first one is.

And looked at them again.

I really didn't think I had gained that much weight.

I didn't have my contacts in, so I had to squat down to see if that number was correct.

And it was. Matt had changed the scale to kilograms.

So then I didn't feel so bad, because I didn't really know what that number meant. All I knew was that was way smaller than what I was used to seeing. I might keep my scale on kilograms. We'll see.

Or invest in one of these....


Kymberly said...

kate- you might like these two blogs- i read them everyday, and love them!